Anatoly Chubais

   Chairman of the Executive Board, RUSNANO Management Company LLC

Dear colleagues!

Despite the downward shifting in economy, nanoindustry shows during several years positive dynamics in development. The sales volume of RUSNANO products has exceeded the pre-planned volume and has reached 341 billion RUR, the sales volume of the independent from RUSNANO producers has reached 928,7 billion RUR. The total amount of the Russian nanotechnology industry has reached 1 269 billion RUR.

Some of the nanoindustry companies have become already significant players on the Russian and other markets. We’ve reached dramatic results in implementation nanotechnology-based solutions in construction, energy, oil and gas production and exploration, electronics, medicine, biotechnology and other industries.

We are witnessing increasing demand on the Russian-born innovations and technologies from enterprises facing challenges of costs cut – with constantly growing at the same expenses on equipment, materials and spare parts from abroad. Many of the technologies and solutions developed by Russian companies, R&D centers and other market players have already shown themselves not less effective than that of produced abroad – with dramatic advantage in procurement price, maintenance costs. It is important that small and medium nanoindustry enterprises are actively involved now in corporations’ innovation development programs. They manage to win market share by means of their products and solutions advantages for customers. 

We are one of the major Russian investors in hi-tech ideas, companies and teams and we are awaiting lots of promising disruptive projects in the future. It is vital for us while entering the next investment phase.

The government today makes significant steps on the way of infrastructure development for hi-tech business development, stimulation of demand for innovative solutions and products developed in Russia, building-in the Russian manufacturers into production chains. All these steps make dramatic contribution to stimulation of Russian hi-tech products entering the global market. Russian nanotechnology products has reached significant share of the overall hi-tech export volume and now may be estimated as 195 billion RUR.

The 5TH Russian Nanoindustry Congress will be an effective platform for discussion new challenges and opportunities, cooperation formats and prospects between tech entrepreneurs.

I wish to all the Congress participants become inspired and gain courage for bringing to life all the brave and disruptive ideas.

   Andrey Svinarenko

   CEO of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs 

Dear Congress Participants!

This year will witness the 5th Russian Nanoindustry Congress holding. It has become an important communication platform since the moment of its establishing for discussing prospects of technology development in Russia. The last might not be possible without new technologies rapid adaption, new innovation products launch, which in turn requires development of small enterprises in the high technology sector - startups.

The congress will focus on the pillars of small high-tech companies’ network sustainable development, tools and measures for technology entrepreneurs support. Participants will gain a unique opportunity to meet at the Congress successful technology entrepreneurs, from Russia and abroad who will share their experience of innovation business development and their building into the major innovation product chains.

I would like to wish all the participants of the Forum fruitful work and interesting discussions,


The Congress is a major discussion platform for nanoindustry and one of the key must-visit forums in Russia, bringing together high technology corporations’ leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers, government officials, associations and others who are directly involved in sustainable development of high technology segments of economy. Congress agenda is dedicated to wide range of topics most vital for both manufacturers and consumers of nanotechnology-based solutions, products and technologies such as government support tools, technology entrepreneurship, stimulation industry cooperation, exploring new markets for nanotech products, human resources and advanced staff training, improving regulatory environment, expanding export of the high-tech products produced in Russia and other topics.


Each year, participants in the Congress include nanotech product manufacturers, organizations representing the innovative infrastructure, representatives of specialized federal authorities (the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation, state development institutions such as the Foundation for the Promotion of Development of Small Businesses in the Sphere of Science and Technology of the Russian Technological Development Fund, OJSC RVC, and Skolkovo Innovation Center), and major consumers of innovative products (OJSC Gazprom, OJSC Russian Railways, OJSC Gazpromneft, Russian Highways, the Federal State Reserve Agency, Rosatom, and others). 


Chemistry and new materials 
Energy: from generation to energy storage 
Electronics and Photonics 
Eurasian Economic Cooperation in high-tech industries
Nanoindustry human resources and qualifications
Technology entrepreneurship in Nanoindustry

Participation in the Congress is free. Registration is strongly needed for guaranteed access to the venue.